Case Study: Ryan Levesque

The Journey From Unknown, First Time Author To #1 National Bestseller
with Millions of Dollars In New SaaS Product Sales – All In Less Than A Year

Ryan Levesque came to us as he was preparing to launch his books, Ask and Choose, along with his SaaS product,

Although he was already a successful entrepreneur, having sold over $100 Million worth of products and services using his unique survey funnel methodology, Ryan knew he needed to establish himself as an expert in the digital marketing space to make the launch of his books and his software product successful.

Prior to launching his first book, Ask, Ryan didn’t had much of a social media following or any publicity for his new SaaS product. He’s asked for our help to create and execute a solid publicity campaign.

Campaign Goals

Ryan’s goal was to bring the book to bestseller status, and earn high income on the back-end from his course and SaaS product sales, and establish himself as the go-to expert in his industry. We’ve worked with Ryan for eleven months on this campaign for Ask, and later again for about ten months on his second book, Choose.

Our Approach

Our approach was to get Ryan on as many niche new media outlets (mainly podcasts) as possible, since we knew those are the types of interviews his ideal audience would listen to. We’ve supported Ryan’s team combining these interviews with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to amplify his impact and results. 


Ryan’s first book, Ask became a #1 national bestseller: we hit bestseller status on the LA Times list, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, Barnes & Noble, and #1 in all books (not just a simple category) on AmazonInc Magazine named Ask the #1 Marketing Book of the Year, and Entrepreneur Magazine named it as their #2 Must-Read Book. Originally published by Dunham Books, Ask has been later published again by HayHouse thanks to its wide reaching success.

As a direct result of our publicity efforts, we’ve sold over 50,000 books in the first year, and added over $1.8 Million / year to Ryan’s business.

This additional revenue came through the back-end sales: Ryan’s SaaS product,, bundled with his online membership site, the Next Level Mastermind group. 

Ryan Levesque Ask Publicity Campaign Results

We’ve booked Ryan on about eighty podcasts, including iTunes’ top shows such as Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, Mixergy with Andrew Warner, and The School for Startups with Jim Beach, and many more, generating hundreds of thousands of downloads.

To date, the book has sold well over 100,000 copies and continues to create loyal fans and customers for Ryan’s business.

Ryan’s SaaS subscription grew from the original group of beta users (around 200 members) to nearly 3,000 by the end of the first year. The bundle was offered as an upsell to the book, priced at $97 / month, with additional high-ticket offers on the back-end. Ryan’s team tracked each media interview with a unique coupon code and retargeted to his growing audience, email subscribers, podcast listeners and social media followers.

Our strategy was featured in FastCompany because of the outstanding results we were able to generate.

We also worked with Ryan on the launch of his second book, Choose, which sold over 50,000 copies in the first few months, creating Millions of dollars in revenue on the back-end for his SaaS product, The book made several national bestseller lists.

We’ve organized dozens of podcast interviews for Ryan, putting him in front of his ideal target audience of entrepreneurs and business owners. We also got an interview for Ryan with the Entrepreneur-in-Residence of the New York Public Library. 

Ryan Levesque Choose Publicity Campaign Results

As a result, the institution selected Choose as their Book of the Month for May 2019, and also included it in their “Summer Picks”, creating a waitlist of readers immediately upon publication.

Press Examples

"It’s turned out that podcasts, with Esther’s help, has been arguably the most effective channel for me in getting our book out there, so building awareness for the book, and more specifically, actually pre-selling copies of the book before we actually launched."
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Ryan Levesque
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